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Hands-on treatment for a balanced body, mind and soul

Modern life is stressful, and our bodies tend to bear the brunt. Like most of us, you probably pour all your time and energy into your family, friends, children and job. Who is looking after you?

Crowea Therapies helps bring the focus back to you

Do you suffer from stress, insomnia or exhaustion? Do you get headaches, digestive problems or colds and infections?  Do you feel anxious, irritable, unable to switch off and relax? Are you struggling to conceive or keen to be as healthy as possible in pregnancy?

Don't worry. It doesn't have to be this way. With her gentle, effective therapies and hand-picked remedies, Sarah can help you relax, rebalance and re-energise.

Feel calmer, mored balanced and relaxed ..... naturally

You can enjoy more emotional energy and less draining stress. Let Sarah show you how. You may come to Sarah with a physical complaint, but it is likely that you will leave her treatment room with an improvement in emotional wellbeing, too.

Sarah works quietly in a tranquil therapy room. Everything which passes between you during treatment is confidential and treated with kindness and respect. You are encouraged to fully relax, enjoying this time which is dedicated to you and your wellbeing. Sarah treats holistically: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

"From the moment you walk through the door, you will not have any demands put upon you.  This is your time.  I am committed to bringing back balance, no matter what has knocked you off course." 

In our logo is the Crowea flower- an Australian Bush Flower used to make a remedy of the same name. It is strengthening, calming, and centering, bringing about real peace, vitality and wellbeing. Sarah was drawn to it when she set up her therapy business, and it continues to define everything she strives to achieve for her clients.

Sarah Aspital MAR

  T: 07710 578822 E: sarah@crowea.co.uk

 Newbury | Berkshire | RG14