Facial Reflexology SorensensistemTM

Facial Reflexology SorensensistemTM

Facial reflexology is a wonderfully calming, balancing and energising treatment.  Sarah is one of the few Sorensensistem therapists in the UK, offering this powerful treatment for a range of physical and emotional issues.

"I recommend facial reflexology for a range of issues, including facial paralysis, fertility, the menopause, digestive problems, headaches, stress and insomnia.  It is suitable for clients of all ages and also works wonderfully on children.  I would urge anyone to treat themselves to a course of facial reflexology.  It is deeply relaxing, yet powerful!"

Do you suffer with:

Facial reflexology could be a huge help to you.  Sarah is a specialist in this treatment and tailors each sesson to suit the client's needs.  Using just fingertips and Rosehip oil and a comforting touch, she works on the important points of the face to encourage the body to rebalance.  Come and experience it for yourself.

"I enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation.  Normally my mind is full of buzzing thoughts and it is good to have that stop for the time I am there.  The sense of wellbeing lasts.  As someone who gets easily stressed and tense, it is good to experience that 'break' from those feelings" GB, Reading

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