Facial Reflexology SorensensistemTM

“I saw Sarah after suffering left sided facial paralysis from Bells Palsy for 6 months, which occurred during the 37th week of my pregnancy. During this time I had slow progress and little improvement in the movement of my face. I suffered regularly from ear ache and headaches above the left eye. From my very first visit to Sarah I noticed vast improvement. Afterwards my face felt so loose compared to the tightness I had felt for the previous 6 months. I could finally slightly raise my eyebrow and had feeling in the left side of my mouth. Over the next 4 sessions I gained the ability to smile again and chew on the left side of my mouth without biting my Tongue or cheek. I can now raise my eyebrow and close my left eye on it's own. The most important thing I feel I have gained from these sessions is my confidence back. People no longer notice my facial paralysis and I am now not worried about speaking to new people and wondering what they think. Sarah is very professional and immediately puts you at ease as soon as you walk in the door. She is very kind natured and I have always felt comfortable with her. She explains everything she is going to do and even tells you side effects you may experience afterwards. Her aftercare is extremely good including having a help sheet so you can have the benefits at home. I would recommend her to anyone. After trying so many tablets and treatments and I am so glad I tried facial reflexology it has allowed me to go back to normality, and I can finally have smiling photos with my daughter.” SD, Burghfield Common

“I was unsure about facial reflexology as I wasn't sure how it could really help me. I have a very stressed lifestyle which displays itself in migraines, urticaria, disturbed sleep. Sarah was excellent at putting me at ease. I have a nut allergy and she was very careful to take this into consideration when selecting lotions and also with what she had to eat before she saw me!!
I found the experience amazing. I was able to totally relax whilst having the treatment and completely zone out. The process became very addictive and I looked forward to every session. During the 5 weeks I saw Sarah I felt more relaxed and didn't suffer with any headaches, my sense of wellbeing was more positive.
I really miss my treatments and since stopping have found that the usual combination of medication that was managing my urticaria isn't doing so nearly as well, I feel that is because I have stopped treatment. I very much look forward to receiving treatment again and have recommended to a friend with MS.”
SK, Reading

“Thank you very much for the facial reflexology over the past 5 weeks. After a few initial worries about how it might affect me, I settled into the pattern of it and found that I enjoyed the feeling of deep relaxation that I slipped into. Normally my mind is full of buzzing thoughts and it was good to have that stop for the time I was there, and to feel a very pleasant 'floaty' feeling during the treatments. Usually, afterwards I had a sense of wellbeing which would last into the next day as well. As someone who gets easily stressed and tense, it was good to experience that 'break' from those feelings.” GB, Reading

“I have primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis.
I was a little unsure, and nervous of what to expect when I had my first appointment with Sarah, as I'd never come across Facial Reflexology but I had no need to worry. Sarah is very friendly, calm and welcoming. The therapy room that Sarah uses is very tranquil and peaceful and the decor must have been especially chosen for this reason. Sarah explained what she was going to do and this put me completely at ease.
Over 5 sessions Sarah worked on different areas of my face and head - it felt wonderful!
At the end of each session I was asked by Sarah to make a note of any changes that may happen and at the beginning of each session Sarah and I chatted about how I felt, if there had been any changes and I filled in a weekly questionnaire.
Over the course of the treatments I did feel that, not necessarily immediately afterwards, but the following day my leg did appear to move more freely and did not drag as much as it normally does.
I feel that if I continue with the treatment I will see improvement and intend to carry on.
Thank you Sarah.'”
ST, Reading

On-Site Massage

"Sarah does a great massage! Leaves me relaxed and tingly. Pleasant service with fun conversation (she always remembers what you talked about last time). Or you can close your eyes and drift off while Sarah works on your back and shoulders. There's not one bad thing to say about it :)" DB, Bracknell

“I enjoy the Seated Acupressure Massage immensely. It is 30 minutes of gentle, soothing and relaxing massage engendering a wonderful refreshed and peaceful state of mind and body.” Mr. K. Leigh, Bracknell


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